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Remember personal info? JavaCript Errors?

Oh the humanity!

I know that that must be funny!

Posted by Fred at September 10, 2003 10:07 PM

Hey! Woohoo! I'm here!


You guys Rock!

Right on!


You there?

You rock! you're the greatest group of comedy guys there is in the worlds's.


and I'm not just saying that because I grew up with you guys.

Though that's certainly a large part of it.

as is the money you paid for my endorsement.


so do you want to talk about the brilliant new episode you guys released?


or that awesome and memorable first episode?

Is it coming soon to a video bin near you?




You guys there? Guys...?


Dudes, I can't believe you guys would just leave me hanging like this!?

you said you'd be here.

I came for the chat thing.




You guys suck!

So there.



Fine, I'm just going to enjoy friday night all by myself.

Just Me and My Beer.

just me and my beer.

just be and my beer.

just be and by meer.

bust je and jy meer

lusty fusty musty veer.

I've got a little rose
a little rose have I got
it's growing slowly out my nose
it's covered in my snot

just me and my beer.

I love my beer.

my beer loves me.

and my beer loves you too.

and I love you tooo.

I love you guys!

you guys rock!

Hey, does the button down below that says 'remember your personal info', does that remember all of my personal info? Like who I'm dating right now, and what I'm wearing, and why, Oh dear God Why, I'm about to push the Post button now?

Oh! the humanity... is right.

Posted by Olaf at September 26, 2003 11:38 PM
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