December 28, 2006


Salutations readers of the unread (What you say?). Anyway, the 'What The Hell Did I Just Watch' Comedy Video Festival is going great and we've got a lot of awesome submissions. We can't wait for January.
Also, we didn't win, but we did pretty well with the Slamdance Teleplay contest coming in 2nd with comedies. Here's looking to the future.
More happy happy fun time as events warrent. Ciao babies!!!

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December 08, 2006

Nein on the 9th

Our good friend, Neinbot is shooting a show all day tomorrow and we want everyone to be part of it! So if you're free and want to be part of a new and crazy show, go here and send a message asking for details.

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Late Deadline for Festival

Today is the late deadline to get your videos in for the fest!

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December 03, 2006

December 01, 2006

Jan 2007 What The Hell Deadline

The final deadline for submissions to the "What The Hell Did I Just Watch?" Comedy Video Festival is Dec 15th! So send them in.

The festival is dedicated to showing truly funny comedy. Forget the forced laughs of the Art House or anything associated with the words Hoity or Toity. Our goal is gather and showcase videos that actually make you laugh and get those videos shown to a wider audience. This festival endeavors to expand accessibility and audience feedback to video comedians by getting all the funny in one place.

On Jan 13th and 20th we will be rockin' downtown Seattle’s Jewel Box Theater. Be there to see the funny.

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