November 28, 2006

Lawrences Wife

Help!!! I'm being held at visor-point by Levar Burton!!!! He's forcing me to say that a new sketch, called 'Lawrence's Wife', is up, and running, and is so funny that it could probably stop the conflicts happening in the Middle East if it was projected on the Moon. Hey, don't take my word for it, take Levar Burton's. He's the one with visor. So take a break, watch the sketch, and call 911. Ciao!!!

Posted by Dave at 06:20 PM

November 17, 2006 Partnership

NEWS! errr... I mean.. NEWS!

OH! The Humanity has partnered with to showcase some of our videos. They're super-cool because they bring filmmakers together and bring awesome indie TV to the masses. Check it out, lots of great stuff on there.


Posted by Kanton at 11:42 AM

November 04, 2006

Now What?

Hey all, we've entered our video "The Poker Tell" into the iFilm Now What? video contest. Check it out and vote for your favorite. We've also got a new video up in the top ten: confessions of a video game character - the racer. It's part of a series we shot, so expect to see some more video game characters coming at 'cha!

Posted by Kanton at 10:52 AM