July 12, 2006

Festival Results

The "What The Hell Did I Just Watch?" Comedy Video Festival was a smashing success. We'd like to thank all the kick-ass talented video makers that participated. And now for the results!

14. Endurance by Invisible Engine
13. Awkward Ninja by OH! The Humanity
12. Virgins by The Whiteman Brothers
11. Poker Tell by OH! The Humanity
10. TestiPals by Justin Michael and Harry Chaskin
9. When The Lord Attacks by Blame Society Productions
8. Light Switch by Black Daisy
7. If I Had A Hammer by Andy Bean
6. Down Home Cookin' by Blame Society Productions
5. Chuck Barr and His Penis: A Love Story by Steven Barr
4. A Day In the Life of an MC Escher Drawing by Uphill Both Ways
3. Dear Sweet Emma by Out of Our Minds Images
2. Kitty Cat Dance by Steve-O Ibsen

And THE WINNER is: Know It All by Bowl Guys Productions

Congrads guys, we will be sending you our laurels and the Uber-Awesome Golden Audience Choice Trophy.

Posted by Kanton at 11:20 AM

July 03, 2006

Festival Schedule

Well, the videos have now been announced for the "What The Hell Did I Just Watch?" Comedy Video Festival! It was a very hard decision, and we had to cut so many good pieces, but here they are. And we've decided that we'll do another festival very soon to show the one's that didn't make it in! Stay tuned for more info on that.

Posted by Kanton at 12:41 PM