June 21, 2006

Train of Thought

We had a great time hanging with the wacky cool guys from Train of Thought last week end. Fun times, guys. Can't wait to see some of your stuff in the WTHell Fest. And Happy 4 Year Anniversary!

Posted by Kanton at 06:06 AM

June 09, 2006

Sister Mary on Vacation

A new sketch? What what!!! Yeah, that's right slackers! Sister Mary Ratchet is back. She's been... gone. More "gone" than usual.

Posted by Kanton at 06:37 PM

June 06, 2006

And now the ninja

Oy Vay!!! And now the ninja. Yes, it seems that even our very own Awkward Ninja has started his own myspace page. I guess he figured he could distract people with it by posting personal things on the page so it would be easier to sneak up on people. It's kind of awkward actully . Anywho, check him out on Myspace. Ask him a question, all ninja like and stuff.

Posted by Dave at 10:32 PM