February 25, 2006

It's Official We're Going Live

Well, we did it. We broke down. We're going live. That's right. In April, we will be performing live. Scary, but true. It'll be just like your computer screen popped out the dancing digital images of us onto a stage. Now normally you want this to happen with images from certian pay sites, but hey, beggers can't be choosers. Stay tuned and learn more about where to make your pilgrimage.

Posted by Dave at 11:47 PM

February 18, 2006


Brand Spanking New sketch comin' your way. We have been working hard on our Episode 5 and here is the first thing to show from it. Enjoy ¿Que? and tell us what you think!

Posted by Kanton at 11:51 PM

February 09, 2006

Comedy Night

Everyone come check us out at the hottest comedy show in Seattle. We're showing some sketches on Wednesday, Feb 15th, 9:00PM at Comedy Night at The Mirabeau Room in Seattle. It's going to be a laugh-fest you'll tell your grandchildren about... right before the shingles kick in... then the laughter will stop.

Posted by Kanton at 08:55 AM

February 05, 2006


We're on iTunes. Yahoo! I mean... you can get to it from Yahoo.. You'll go Google over it. Somebody please shoot me...

Posted by Jeff at 08:41 PM

February 03, 2006

DVD Dance Party

We've been working diligently (yeah right) on Episode 5 and are have some finished sketches making there way to you real soon. And check this out, we just put up a behind the scenes dance video from our DVD... once again proving that white men do not have rhythm.

Posted by Kanton at 02:33 PM