January 23, 2006

Comedy Night

Salute folks, big things a-happening. Not only did we get a nod from Rocketboom, but we've also teamed up with Comedy Night, a new gathering every Wednesday of all the best comedy talent in Seattle at The Mirabeau Room. So kudos to them (and by proxy, us). Check 'em out.

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Thanks to Rocketboom for their plug of the Awkward Ninja! They are the best daily video blog out there! To see more of the ninja, check out the sketches on the right. And get ready for some brand spankin' new ones soon!

Posted by Kanton at 09:30 PM

January 04, 2006

Can't stop producing

Can't stop producing!! When I wake up, it's a script idea, and then it's the logistics, and then the whores, but then it's getting the cast and crew, and then getting their whores, and then filming, and editing, and presenting, and packaging, and the whoring. Wow, what a process. But we love it. So stay tuned becuase we're making the kind of comedy that goes well with a complete breakfast.

Posted by Dave at 06:54 PM

Chuck Norris

These are Halarizoid! - Top 30 Chuck Norris facts.

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