August 24, 2005

Ninja kills College Pics

Things are lookin good here at OhTheHum. Episode 5 scripts are pumping out. The new sketch of the week is a continuation of last week. Watch that Awkward Ninja hijinx!

Posted by Kanton at 10:21 AM

August 18, 2005


A little update on what we've been working on. Olaf is making a movie! It's called MOVE. Check it out here. They're always open to help too, so if anyone would like, just inquire on the MOVE site.

Also, our 5th episode is making it's way through the pre-production stages. And boy oh boy oh boy is it looking fun.

Posted by Kanton at 07:55 PM

Ninja Time!

Well well well, I'm back from one of those life changing experiences. Namely, MARRIAGE! So that's the reason you all didn't see an update last week. I think it's a good enough reason. But on with the show... Looks like the Bouncer Sketch gets an aloha, and now we bring on the Ninjas! Yeeeees. Awkward Ninja Vs. Samurai is part one of four. So if you want to see them all they are on our DVD.

Posted by Kanton at 11:00 AM

August 02, 2005

Party Time

Hey hey folks. So a new sketch goes up today. You know, you've been in line, and you see two guys who want in a club, but they're total losers, and you don't know what they're thinking....and then you realize your looking a mirror, and you begin to cry, but you're gonna try to get into the club anyway....well, this new sketch is kind of like that. So enjoy it between the sobs.

Posted by Dave at 03:29 PM