July 26, 2005

Dave Stripping leaves... for now

Much like that new reality T.V. show Rockstar:INXS, the audience here at OH! The Humanity has voted. And like Rockstar:INXS, seeing scantly dressed men prance around to music has proven not so popular. Dave has been saved from another week of having the Stripper Sketch shown. And now... for something completely different. Enter the silly people.

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July 20, 2005

Stop the Dancing!!!

O.K. folks, the new sketch this week is 'Stripper Sketch'. It's an idea I had a while ago and I've regretted it ever since. I play the stripper, but I wasn't supposed to, Luke was. Well, he thought I should play it, mostly because I'm prettier. So we decided to settle this diplomatically....with rock, paper, scissors. I lost....big time. So forever more I will be on this website, shaking my groove thing in fishnet stockings, dancing sexy/clumsly for the camera. Please....please be kind. Thank you.

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July 12, 2005

First Cut of Top 10

Aaaaaaannnnd cut! That's right. See ya, Lottery Sketch. The first cut has been made and the audience has chosen. No more Lottery Sketch! We've got a new one up for everyone to vote on and I think she may be a bit more resilient. We'll see.

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July 09, 2005

What 'cho talking about Willis

Hey folks, I just wanted to remind everyone that the eternal and sometimes hard to understand wisdom of Morlock Rocksbane the blue, Wizard extrodinaire and all around cool guy is still up for grabs. So write him and ask a question. It would make him so happy. Wouldn't you like to make a wizard happy. It's a good thing...I read it in the bible. So c'mon. What do you have against wizards that you can't write in. Yeesh, some people.

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HiHoe gang!
Sonic Boom Records in Ballard, Fremont, and Capitol Hill now have copies of our Series 1 DVD for sale. Rush on down and grab a handfull. Remember, only 169 shopping days left till xmas.

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July 06, 2005

New Ohthehum.com

Awwwe yeah! The new Ohthehum.com is online and kicking ass. Everyone can now rate their favorite sketches over on the right side. Also, tonight we're going to be throwing a big-ass party with the Rawstock film festival. Be there tonight at 7:45pm. 1515 12th Ave in Seattle. That's on Capitol Hill.

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July 01, 2005


Hey all, if you have seen us running around wearing one of our kick-ass "What The Hell Did I Just Watch!?" t-shirts, now you can buy one! Just go to our cafepress store. And right now there is a $3 discount if you enter LOLSAV as a coupon code, or if you use POINTSTOWER as a code, then you'll get $5 off purchases or $20 or more.

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