June 22, 2005


A little something to keep everyone entertained until July 6th. Chhhheeeeeck it oooooout.

Posted by Kanton at 03:39 PM

June 08, 2005

Press Release

Look out world, were coming at 'ya!!! That's right, we're breaking out of obscurity jail and we're outrunning all the guards. That's 'cause we're premeiring some sketches at the Rawstock film fest, relaunching this website, and coming out with a DVD with highest level of kick-ass-itude there ever was ever. Check out the press release. You want more, write us. Don't be shy. Hey, we're just as afraid of you as you are of us.

Posted by Kanton at 09:38 PM

June 07, 2005

Sketch Comedy for the masses!

Alright everyone, the last (and probably strangest) sketch of Episode 4 is up for your viewing pleasure. Check out Stuffed! Your life may never be the same....

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June 05, 2005

Spreading The Word

Ya know when your day is going just great? Feels like nothing can ruin it! Except maybe these guys.

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June 02, 2005

Public Access Rules!!!

O.K. folks it's time to get cable, go over to a friends house that has cable, or bribe the cable man with tasty tacos for some cable...and some lovin', because we're going to be on Seattle Public Access again. Tune to channels 29 or 77 at 10:00pm on Saturday, June 25th. Be there or miss out. And if you miss out you'll have to live with the shame of the moniker "Mr. Miss-out-loser-guy". Face!!! Oh, and if you haven't asked Morlock yet, ask him a question. He looks depressed.

Posted by Dave at 10:02 PM