October 22, 2004

Flicks on Fairbanks?

We're very proud to have been chosen to show our sketch "Dance for Grandma" at the independent film and video showcase Flicks on Fairbanks in Winter Park, Florida.

Taking place at Austin Coffee and Film - a new, alternative, organic coffee house now showcases short independent movies from Florida, national, and international film and video makers the first Monday night of every month.

This show is being put on by Constantin Traian Preda. Thanks Constantin.

Posted by Kanton at 01:08 PM

October 18, 2004


Hey Folks, we recently finished principle photography (oooh, don't I sound professional) on one of our more technically challenging bits yesterday. Let's just say it involved a large amount of a bodily fluid or two. We've still got a few more weeks for this episode, and hopefully soon after that, another comedy jem. Stay tuned and stuff.

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