September 30, 2004


Aardvarks...Why are they're cool? Well, they just are, just like us. Case closed. Other than that, we've been busy. Episode 4 is shaping up to be the most stylistic show we've ever done. Lot's of planning, procrastination, and then doing everything really quickly at the last momment. It'll be great...kinda. It will be proclaimed in every house that Episode 4 is 'Damn Skippy, damnit'. And nobody can take that away from us. Anyway I just wanted to thank Terran, Ty, and everyone else at Rufus3 for their help on our current episode. They're cooler than a six pack of monkeys. Cheers.

Posted by Dave at 02:55 PM

September 14, 2004


Last weekend went great and we got some wonderful footage with some help from Terran and Ty over at Rufus Cubed. I can already tell the quality of production has gotten much better. And Episode four will be our best yet!

Posted by Kanton at 12:45 PM

September 04, 2004



Vacationing Bush Accepts Republican
Nomination Via Live Satellite Feed!

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