July 31, 2004


Gutten Tag everyone. Stay awhile and listen. Well, it's more like stay a while and read really. Well, you could listen inside your own head, maybe even give it a funny voice. Yeah, so read on in an amusing, possible gay, german accent. Well, the new sketches are up for episode III. So watch them....WATCH THEM I SAY, OR DOOM SHALL REIGN DOWN UPON THY BREAKFEST NOOK. Also, please take time to rate them so we can compile, analyze, study, and later disregard the results. Bye.

Posted by Dave at 02:39 PM

July 29, 2004

Episode 3

Well well well well well well well-e-well well well. And you all thought we were just sitting around playing too many video games (well, we were). But we managed to find the time to make another Episode. Number 3 is now online! Check it out in the Episodes (view) section. And stay tuned for air dates on cable television channels 29 and 77.

Posted by Kanton at 09:36 AM

July 27, 2004


We want to introduce you all to a new player who is so funny he made Dave loose a lung laughing. It was sad... but in a funny way. Jeff Sears will make an excellent addition to our troop. Look for him in Episode 3.

Posted by Kanton at 09:17 PM