April 29, 2003


We have begun the editing process, so it won't be much longer now. Our first episode took around 5 and a half months to complete. With Episode two we've managed to cut that down to about 3. And eventually we may be putting out an episode every month. Oh, and working in all digital rocks!

From a editor's standpoint, it's sick. You get real time-code, really fast load speeds, and the picture is so much better. This'll let it all come together quickly. So stay tuned for the new stuff. It's going to make you wet where you go pee.

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April 04, 2003

In the works

I am proud to announce that episode two is nearing compl... (is he going to say it?! Oh, I can't wait) ... comple.... completion of the half-way mark. hehe. Oh well. But seriuosly we're putting alot of work into it

and it's going to (as us Seattlites might say) rock your fucking socks off! So, stay tuned. Oh, and a question to our two fans - should we get a mailing list?

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