February 26, 2003

Dave's First Entry

Salute folks cruising the internet. No nudie picks here, but still come good, good stuff. We are currently filming skits for episode II at a mad pace, because we're dedicated to filing all your alternative sketch comedy needs. And if you don't have a sketch comedy need....THEN GET ONE PIGGY!!!

Sketch comedy is good for you. It strengthens bones, is high fiber, and contains eight essential things and stuff. Can't get enough things and stuff these days. So when feeling low, come on back and load up. Later.

The incomprehensible Dave

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February 25, 2003

New Blogging app

So we now have a real-life blogging program to use for the site. It's neat because we can upload images and Luke and Dave can start posting. Cool, huh? So check for more updates.

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February 13, 2003


Thanks to everyone for writing in. We appreciate your praise and constructive criticisms. We have learned so much from the process of making Episode 1 and promise the audio and video quality of Episode 2 will be much better. Also stay tuned for the next airing.

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February 06, 2003

We're online

Our web site has now officially gone live! Weeeeee! God save us all. We are also going to be aired in Seattle on cable channels 77 or 29 at 10:30pm, Thursday Feb 13th. Watch, tell us what you think. We're also in the pre-production stage of Episode Two, stay tuned.

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